Android go : All you need to know in 2019

Android go - All You need to know
Android go basics
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Android go: All you need to know in 2019

Android is the most popular mobile operating system along with Apple’s iOS. All the major Mobile Manufacturers are using Android OS for their devices. Still, there are some cheap smartphones which are actually running on Java and other operating system as they are of low budget and there is no hardware support available for Android at that price range. Now, Google has introduced a scaled down version of Android as Android Go.

Android Go

What is Android Go?

Go is an initiative by Google to make each and every person use an Android device which also includes the people who don’t have high budget.

People under 70$ budget usually go with phones which are running on Android Oreo with 2 GB or lower RAM, and this doesn’t makes the smartphone usable. Android (Go) is an initiative to solve the same issue.

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Android go edition

Applications pre-installed by Google go:

Go comes with its own set of applications which are scaled down to run on lower resources. This will make the Android operating system much better and available to a larger bandwidth of people. As this is the scaled down version, it will for sure be handing over much more portion of internal storage to the user. Hence, 16GB of Internal Storage will have more usable space than a traditional Android smartphone which runs on full fledged Android Operating system.

Android Go edition

Currently there are only limited applications available with Android-Go branding but these are the most important ones to be a smartphone user, the applications are as follows :

  1. Google Go
  2. Google Assistant Go
  3. YouTube Go
  4. Google Maps Go
  5. Gmail Go
  6. Gboard Go
  7. Google Play Store
  8. Chrome
  9. Files Go

Currently there are not many smartphones which are running on the Android (Go) Operating system. In MWC 2018 we saw Nokia 1 and Alcatel 1X launched by the companies which ran on the same.

Later on  Samsung launched Galaxy J4 Core which had a decent hardware with lower amount of RAM featuring the Android 9 Go Operating System. Huawei Y5 Lite, Moto E5 Play Go and Xiaomi Redmi Go are some of the devices that are rocking the budget scaled down version of the Android Operating system.

Pros and Cons of android oreo phones(go edition) :

Android go edition

Let us quickly have a look at the merits and demerits of the operating system to get a better understanding of the phones featuring the same.

  • Designed for lower RAM consumption, hence, will run smoothly devices featuring 512MB and 1GB RAM.
  • The Operating system is faster which includes 30% faster boot up.
  • Google Play Store is much improved for the scaled down versions, as it will highlight the apps that will work much better on these devices.


  • The feature list of Go will be limited as many features might not be available on the scaled down version.
  • Data Saving feature will not work on HTTPS websites, hence will be more data consuming.
  • These were some of the merits and demerits of the Android Go. What do you feel about the operating system?

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