Android pie 9.0 ( An update from oreo android 8.0)

Android go edition

Overview of Android:

Android  have got way too far into the industry and is ruling the smartphone industry since 2008. The first release of Android was Android Cupcake which was Android 1.5 while the latest public release is Android Pie 9.0. Soon Android Q will be out and the beta have started rolling to the developers who are interested to beta test the new Android Version.

Android pie 9.0

Talking of the Android 9.0, it was an update to the Oreo Android 8.0 . Until Android 4.0 Kitkat everything was quite plain, since Android 5.0 Material Design came into play which was Google’s innovation for the ecosystem.

Oreo Android 8.0 and Android Pie 9.0 have been the most liked operating system with added features benefiting the masses. Let us have a brief look to the feature list of updates that came up with Android 9.0 Pie.

Android Pie Features :-

Dark Mode of android pie:

Android pie

This is something that all the custom rom manufacturers were adding as a feature, and people were using them. Now Android comes with official dark mode support, which makes it easy for people to use the mobile phones during night.

Digital Well-being:

This feature is the key highlight of the Android 9.0 Pie update. Digital Well being helps the user to count on the number of unlocks they had in one day, hours they spent on any application, and all other related information.

Android pie

With this information people can get rid of their time consuming habits and make their day productive. With this people can also block certain time usage of a particular phone.

Adaptive Brightness:

Android pie

With Android 9.0 Pie Adaptive brightness on Android have become smarter, now it will be able to learn your habits of using higher brightness on certain apps, and using lower brightness on others. This can help the users to personalize the phone to much farther extent.

Gesture Navigation:

Another key highlight of the latest android version is the new way to navigate your smartphone. Until Android 8.0 Oreo we had 3 buttons for back, home, and recent. But now there are gestures which are inbuilt into the system, which will be performing the same action without much of the delay. This will make the screen less of buttons and more of gestures.

Android Pie

Screen Rotation Made Easy: The most hectic part of a phone used to be the screen stuck in a particular orientation, usually it was not the sensor, but actually the software that glitches. This is taken care by a shortcut key in the navigation bar which will help you rotate the phone, whenever it is tilted.

Conclusion :-

Apart from these key features there are a number of different improvements in the list on the Android 9.0 Pie. There are a lot of updates on the Android ART Runtime which will help you to run different applications much faster.

Even with Android 9.0 Pie the developers can use multiple cameras in their application which is a key feature in 2019. Did we missed onto any important feature of Android 9.0 Pie. Please let us know in the comment about your favourite feature update on Android 9.0.

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