Android go : All you need to know in 2019

Android go - All You need to know
Android go basics
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Android go: All you need to know in 2019

Android is the most popular mobile operating system along with Apple’s iOS. All the major Mobile Manufacturers are using Android OS for their devices. Still, there are some cheap smartphones which are actually running on Java and other operating system as they are of low budget and there is no hardware support available for Android at that price range. Now, Google has introduced a scaled down version of Android as Android Go.

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Android pie 9.0 ( An update from oreo android 8.0)

Android go edition

Overview of Android:

Android  have got way too far into the industry and is ruling the smartphone industry since 2008. The first release of Android was Android Cupcake which was Android 1.5 while the latest public release is Android Pie 9.0. Soon Android Q will be out and the beta have started rolling to the developers who are interested to beta test the new Android Version.

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