How to download songs from Spotify?

How to download songs from Spotify?

Spotify is the biggest website which streams music online with the help of internet. The username of Spotify is too much that this company is earning more than you could imagine.

If you too do listen to the songs on Spotify Premium APK then let me say you have a good choice of music streaming company. Now coming to the point many of you do travels and we all know the internet does not give support while travelling.

So the people who listen s to the music gets interrupted by it. Users can download their favourite track of songs or their favourite playlist on Spotify in these ways.

The first solution to this problem is that you can take the Spotify premium subscription and do enjoy adding free streaming and unlimited skips and offline streaming service.

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As we see here, it offers offline streaming, which means you can download any song in offline mode and listen to them whenever, wherever you want to. By following these steps you can do so:

1) It should be clear that you must have a Spotify premium membership.

2) Connect to a Wi-Fi network or go to the setting of Spotify and disable the download via Wi-Fi only option.

3) Open the Spotify application and log in to the Spotify account of yours. If you aren’t logged in then log in to Spotify by tapping LOG IN then enter Spotify account’s email and password.

4) On the bottom right corner, you will find your library button, tap on that.

5) After clicking on it you will see a playlist button, click on that.

6) Select the playlist which you wish to download.

7) Instead of that, if you have opened the albums page, then select the album.

8) Tap on grey download switch, which you will find in the top right corner of the screen. The switch will go green to signify that the songs are downloading onto the Spotify mobile application.

9) You will find the downloaded songs with green arrow sign signing down.

10) You are done. Listen to Spotify music offline.

After following these steps your favourite music will be in your pocket which you can listen to without the internet. The offline feature helps people who do lots of travel or the people who do not have good connectivity. It also helps the people whose phone is not charged. Adit plays in the offline mode, so the internet is off and that’s why the phone’s battery goes for a long while.

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